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Hi! I’m Fredrick

Welcome to my website. I'm honored to have you – no matter what form you take (human, animal, or extraterrestrial). I'm an INFJ. That makes me 65% introverted, 80% intuitive, 66% feeling. I'm obsessed with stories. Tell me a good one, and I'll be your friend for life. I earned a creative writing degree from Wright State University in 2002. Thereafter, I spent seven years working as a journalist in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. Since then, I’ve worked a wide range of jobs – all the while on a quest to tell more stories. Please sign up for my email newsletter, so we can stay in touch! My 2016 writing stats 16,587 words # words written Updated: 1/29/16 My 2015 writing stats 122,713 words # words written Updated: 12/31/15 25 literary agents queried Updated: 9/4/15 24...

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