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Will you pass the 100 year test?

Wikipedia editors debate who deserves an entry on the site. In the past, it was common for the “100 year rule” to be evoked. It was a simple, one-question test that went like this: will this person be of general interest to the world 100 years from now? 

If the answer was yes, that person was granted an entry on Wikipedia. If the answer was no, well, sorry pal; history’s moving on. Much debated, the test eventually got dropped in favor of more general criteria.

I still think about the 100 year test, though. It keeps the flame alight.

Will anything I’ve done today matter after I’m gone?

If you want the answer to be yes, your life will be very different from someone who could give two shits about the 100 year test. In fact, your life will be different from just about everyone around you.

Maybe there’s a clue there. Maybe we should study the people around us for clues about what not to do.

Don’t watch TV.

Don’t waste time on Facebook and Twitter.

Ask questions when everyone’s nodding yes. Do less. Do far less, but think more.

The 100 year test can change your mindset. When that happens, your actions aren’t far behind.

Fredrick Marion

Fredrick Marion

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