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While We Fill Our Boxes with Shiny Golden Treasures

This list reminds me to stop my prissy bitching, to remember the world owes me nothing, to appreciate America, to thank the pharmacist for the pills that keep me breathing, to shake my head at the idea that we're spending $300 to clean our dog's teeth (I love you, Maddy, I truly do): 5: Number of earths we'd need if everyone in the world had the same standard of living as Americans [1] 13.8: Percent of girls who complete primary school in Malawi [2] 49: The life expectancy in Chad [3] 50: Number of American dollars required to buy a slave in Sudan in 1999 [4] 58: Number of countries where polygamy is legal [5] 27: Percent of Indian households that own a refrigerator [6] 250: Human rights activists and lawyers "rounded up"...

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