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There is no wasted effort: An afternoon with Writer’s Digest editor Jessica Strawser

Beer in hand, I listened to Ron Rollins interview Jessica Strawser about the writing life in an Oregon District garden last weekend. The editor of Writer's Digest, Strawser grew up writing. She even remembers asking her babysitters to critique her stories. "It's beautifully written," they'd tell her, "but you might want to consider having something happen." Good advice for all of us, I'd say. For an hour, Strawser answered questions from Ron Rollins (an editor and former colleague at the Dayton Daily News) and the audience. Here were three of my favorite takeaways: 1) What do all the writers you've interviewed have in common? It's one of the most common questions people have for her. "They're all just people," Strawser says. "But they're some of the nicest, warmest people you'll...

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