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Summoning a soul from the stars

Come October, the children will outnumber the adults in our home. We found out Baby No. 3’s gender on Thursday. “Don’t hate me if I’m wrong,” the ultrasound tech said. “But see that line? That indicates the vaginal lips. It looks like you’re having a girl.” “Does she look ok?” my wife asked. “She looks fine. Completely normal.” Are there more powerful words in the English language? Completely normal. God, I hadn’t realized how badly I needed to hear that. At the moment, she weighs 15 ounces, as much as a can of kidney beans. Later, the OB would tell us she’s underweight. “She’s in the 14th percentile.” “Should we be worried?” we asked. The OB shrugged, palms pointed at the ceiling. “Maybe.” “Should I eat more cake and ice cream?” Rachel asked. Kidding. She didn’t say that. But she did ask...

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