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“Get” not “have”

I do not have to do yard work. I get to do yard work because I live in a house that has a yard. In Florida, I lived in a friend’s dining room that was too small for a twin bed. I slept on a cot and hung sheets over the doors for privacy.

I do not have to work. I get to work. I make enough to own a house, and I do not have to work two jobs (or three or four or five, all of which I’ve done before).

I do not have to eat. I get to eat. I was so broke when I lived in California, I went to bed early to forget my stomach pangs. I couldn’t afford the heat. I put on a hoodie. Then, I took the curtains off the rods and laid them on top of my blankets.

I do not have to piss. I get to piss. Once, I saw my friend in tears because his kidneys were shutting down. It took him half an hour to finish on the toilet.

I do not have to drop the kids off at daycare. I get to drop the kids off at daycare. They’re surrounded by some of the most loving people I’ve ever met.

I do not have to write. I get to write. I spent 20 years thinking I had to pen a masterpiece. Now, I know it isn’t the publication that matters, but the act of writing itself.

I do not have to feed the dog. I get to feed the dog – a small creature that would fight another animal to the death in order to protect me.

The world does not take from us. Until the very end, it only ever gives.

Fredrick Marion

Fredrick Marion

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